Apostolic faith began in Romania – Arad with a small group of people who believed in the power of the Holy Spirit in his work and manifestation gifts, in a relevant worship and a free society we live in, just like in Portland in 1906 Azusa.

Since 1970 the movement of Apostolic faith has taken a large scale, faithful came from all parts of the country heard of a spiritual awakening, discovery, healing and baptism with the Holy Spirit just like during the Apostles. Any form, in Romania the true apostolic faith could not enjoy the freedom. Today, thanks be to the Holy Spirit for the religious liberty. And in 1991 old leaders have met and have founded the Apostolic Faith under St-Scripts and in 1996 received all aprovals have been operating legally under the name Neemiah apostolic center in Arad, Romania. All baptized believers with the Holy Spirit and fully believe in the manifestation of the Holly Spirit can join the center of faith “Nehemiah”. To date there are over 30 churches affiliated with the center and two churches in the diaspora.

Nehemiah center is in collaboration with Apostolic Faith Church. Our goal is not do undermine the authority of local churches or deprive of their scriptural rights but want to keep our faith which was once given to Saints once for all.

Sit in the road, look and ask the old paths, where is the good way: walk on it and you will find rest unto your souls – Jeremia 6:16

Apostolic faith church sprang from the Azusa revival in 1906 held in Los Angeles, California

Founder Florence Crawford was one that received the filling of the Holy Spirit in these meetings, and in 1908 moved to Portland, Oregon, and established the headquarters of this ministry. Over the years this work has expanded and includes hundreds of churches on six continents spread

  • Mission: The Apostolic Faith Mission is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.