You can be part of the Nehemiah center and contribute to it:

Donations can be made in Account: RO53BRDE020SV39653550200

Transfer through systems: 1. MoneyGram, available in all counteries 2. Western Union-valid in all countries 3. Postal-valid only in Romania 4. CEC Bank-Fast Transfer valid only for Spain If you chose to send by one of the four systems, please do so on the the following address: Ples Saveta Str.Capitan Ignat nr. 68 Arad cod 310059. If you want to use MoneyGram, Western Union and Quick CEC Bank Transfer you can communicate via e-mail ( necessary informations to raise money.. No matter how small is the amount of each donation is welcome and will be used for developing programs in the center, we intend to build a new center because we worl inside the Apostolic Church “Filadelfia” and build a canteen for the poor.

Objective: Field of activity center.

Nehemiah center was founded in order to promote the most effective and appropiate moral principles of life, labour and health, to support center members in our spirit of charity Christian values, tolerance mutual assistance between people, for providing material and moral help those in need; social assistance; help the poor people and disadvantaged; assistance for old peoples; material support those in need (orphans, widows, poor) with all necessary living conditions, protection of poor children or those of successful learning.

Depending upon the merits sphere is only by contributions and donations members, we provide and support 2 students for the continuation and completion of studies.

Nehemiah center in partnership with the Development and Community Arad, built 10 social houses for gipsy, if you want to support our programs we invite you to become members of CCAN, donors, sponsors, money can be transferred by postal order or directly in account.

And because the needs for proper development of the activity center are pressing and urgent we come to you with a request / challenge. Nehemiah center needs a minibus to provide transport between the center of national and international communities…and more! If there is anyone among you who can help us we wait for this to contact us.Also the center will seek support for maintenance and administrative management of the center’s website.

Thank You in advance!

Nehemiah Apostolic Faith Center Romania.