Aron Costel Ples

General Executiv Director

Tanya Marinela Ples


  • Location: Arad, Romania

Sorin Aron


  • Location: Arad, Romania

Flavius Nastase

Zonal Director

  • Location: Arad, Romania

Ciuraru Sorin

International Director

Activity: Assigned with mission in Romania and abroad

  • It is empowered, but not without the permission of the Nehemiah Center, to open churches in the country and abroad, to undertake social activities, assistance and administrative work.
  • Pastor Ciuraru’s work is currently taking place in Germany and England.

Remember from your gratest rulers, who announced you the word of God ; look with care at the end of their way of living, and fallow their faith! Hebrew 13:7.

Listen to your gratest rulers, and be subjected to them, because they watches on your souls as those who have to account for them so that they can do it with joy, not sighing because something like that would be would not be of no use. Hebrew 13:17.