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It is an open center that wants collaboration and effective partnerships with churches and Christian organizations to improve service development and social impact.

Through this site we want to make known to others work and our work. We want to contribute together to expand God’s kingdom in the middle of society.

Thank you for choosing to visit and become fans of the Apostolic Faith Center, “Nehemiah”!

Visit the website of CCANR whether you live in Romania or abroad, we are pleased to see the partner services center and we would like to know you personally. We want the information and resources made available to motivate you for a personal relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ, to discover the meaning of your life and timelessness to become a reality.

We enjoy those who decide to visit us and especially those who feel that God directs them to become partners work with the Apostolic Faith noi.Centrul Nehemiah is particularly the movements of awakening that has experienced the church of Christ reform here.

All have organized their own churches in denominations that were founded. We have found the task to preach the word. Surely we do not claim to be the only saving Church, pointed to a man not as întemeitor actually we are a continuation of last awakening.

Apostles’ teaching is only what we have left the apostles in their writings. Apostolic Mission Nehemiah Center has expanded continuously and was blessed by the Almighty clearly.

We hope and pray that Nehemiah center to be a sovereign and all-powerful tools in the hands of our God to be used to equip the saints for ministry in Romania and other countries.

As Nehemiah was chosen by God to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem and the Jewish faith as a reformer in those days, so we want too…


We wish you a pleasant viewing and God bless!